After Dark, Tad Wily (feat Orla Hawk)

  1. After Dark (Original Mix)
  2. After Dark (Tad Wily's New Bass Mix)
  3. After Dark (Lonely Boy Remix)
  4. After Dark (Cyclist Remix)


Rising London-based funk philanthropist Tad Wily unveils another stellar single for Homebreakin Records, the instructively named “After Dark.” With previous releases on Retrofit, Punchout, and Mullet Records, as well as his recent electrifying Bumper remix for Homebreakin, Tad is certainly a welcome sight on Canada’s most mischievous imprint. The track “After Dark” was selected by none other than’s Bill Brewster for his installment of the Late Night Tales compilation series, even lending its name to the collection’s title. For Homebreakin, Tad reworked “After Dark” with Orla Hawk laying down new vocals to the mix.  Tad also  takes it up a notch with a second mix with a stirring new bass version featuring crisp handclaps and percussion, an ’80s style funky bass line, wobbly synth pads, and the memorable vocal of Orla Hawk. Orla herself then contributes a reworked version, taking the mood a bit deeper and adding a spacey disco vibe that’s perfect for a roller rink on the dark side of the moon. The mysterious Lonely Boy (Winding Road, Dance:Revolt) is next up, creating a hefty four-on-the-floor dub that starts gently enough before building into a dance floor maelstrom of arpeggiated synths, echoed voices, and powerful low end. Toronto’s Cyclist, a proud Homebreakin veteran, pounds the disco pavement with a hypnotically groovy treatment that shakes and shimmers in a glorious fashion. If the after-hours is your prime time, then these four versions of “After Dark” should certainly be calling your name.

Support from: Cyclist, Dunks, GAZEEBO, Jon Delerious, Joshua Heath, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Robbie Kowal, SOUP, Woodhead, andy ollerhead, blaine walter, Elijah Collins, All Good Funk Alliance, Alyson Calagna, Audit, Ben Adams, Big Fat Frog, Casio Social Club, DJ Lennie III, Dj Sprout, Gregorio Assandri (Irregular Disco Workers), hebegebe, hoola, Joseph Martin, julian sanza, Justin Johnson, Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco), Moodtrap, Mousse T, Nynfus Corporation, Orde Meikle, phunktastike, Royal Plastic, Steve Raskin, Tad Wily, Trotter, Wash (Funk the System), aurelio cianciotta (Neural Mag Italy)